Sunday, November 11, 2007


So....... Mommy had been telling me i ws going on a trip with her and daddy to see grandmommy, but now she says I am going to the kennel instead. I hope this is a good thing.

I must admit I am relieved to not have to take a long car irde, but what is a kennel? Mommy says there will be other cats to play with, but I don't like other cats(unless they are sweet lady cats!). she says there are dogs, too, and those scare me. she says that i will get lots of attention, but I will be in a cage like at the shelter and that doesn't sound good. She says I can bring Bunny and Bubby and Turtle, though.

Oh yeah!!! ---- Mommy found Turtle!!! I guess he was hiding under the washing machine(oops).

Hey, my Daddy is back, too! he plays with me, but doesn't like when I sleep on him.

We got some new furniture, too. I keep getting yelled at for scratching my paws on it, but isn't that what it's for??????

We also got a dryer, which was real comfy to crawl in and rest on the clothes inside, but when I went in today it made a horrible booming sound!! Mommy said it's a monster who doesn't want me in there. phooey

okay, well, that's all for now.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Attention All Lady Cats!!!!!

I have a sweet new pad -- a 3 story Pueblo with a second floor balcony, 3rd floor "outdoor" deck and rooftop patio with a view out my mommy's spare room window!! It is also litterbox close. I moved up from my single cube in the livingroom. I am sub-letting that.

I would like to invite all you single lady cats(who belong to Mommy's friends and family) to come over and check it out!!! I will make you dinner as well ;)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Gimme some Olive Juice!!!

My mommy is being mean!!!! She is eating Olives and won't let me have any of the juice, which I loooove. She just puts the closed jar on the floor and I can't get it open because I don't have thumbs!!!

And I have been sooooo good!!! Mommy is sick and I have been taking care of her. I even brought bunny to her the other night to cheer her up. And now I was just cuddling with her and she still won't let me have any Olive juice!!

wait, she says when i am done blogging she will let me have some.

Okay, gotta go!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Love Marshmallows!!!

Mommy gave me something new to play with!!! They are called Marshmallows and they are like tiny little white pillows!! She says these are the mini ones, but I think they are just fine!! They are so much fun. You can knock them all around and I can even get them on my claws and throw them!! I hit Mommy in the arm hee hee!! She didn't get mad -- she laughed at me!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My adventures on the outside....

Okay, so last Tuesday my mommy went out and when she came back she grabs me and tells me I'm going to the vet!! She had been warning me, but we never went. Then, all of a sudden, I had to go!! They were mean to me there!!!

First they stuck Q-tips in my ears. TWICE!!! It hurt and itched(my ears always itch). Then they wiped them with gauze. And if that wasn't enough, then they put drops in them and rubbed them!! AND they put some kind of drops on my back. It was awful and I never want to go back there again!!!

Then, after we left, Mommy had to go to the people vet(she said hers was more uncomfortable than what I had, but I DOUBT it). So what does she do? Leaves me in the car!! In that stupid carrier. so i couldn't walk around. She put the windows down which made the car bearable, but I couldn't walk around and then all these LOUD cars kept driving by and they scared me!! When she came back I let her know it!!! i cried and cried and almost lost my breath I cried so hard!! She felt bad and let me out to walk around the car, but I still didn't let her off the hook. I cried all the way home.

I got a nice can of special cat food so I was okay after that.

Today I got to go out on the balcony!! By myself!! For a long time. No leash!! I was good and stayed away from the edge.

I hope Mommy lets me out there again soon, but I never want to go in a car or to the vet again!!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I wanna help!!!!

I want to help my mommy with things, but she says i get in the way!!

Like, I want to help her with puzzles, but she gets mad because I knock all the pieces around and on the floor. I can't help it -- I don't have opposable thumbs!!

I also want to help with scrapbooking. I try to help her by sitting right down in front of, ready to supervise or do whatever I can to help and she says she can't worl because I am taking up all the space!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Update on Me

Well, I guess we are not going to visit Grandmommy until Daddy gets back. That's okay, but I really want to meet her!!!

Mommy has been taking me for car rides and she took me again tonight. I am getting used to them and hardly cry anymore.

Today some little kids came over to play. they were a lot of fun and chased me all over, but it was fun!! They didn't try to pick me up. They just wanted to play with me!! So I let them.

I haven't been able to go outside too much. Mommy says it's too hot for her to sit out there with me. I could be out there myself but she says no :(

Oh, we had a party here the other day. Mommy had someone come to sell kitchen stuff. There were LOTS of people in the house. Miss Mandy brought a neat thing to climb into, but Mommy got mad when I climbed in it and made me stay in her room!!! Miss Alli let me out, though, once, but Mommy made me go back. Then she let me out, but got mad when I joined people on the balcony so I had to go back!! Finally she let me out again. There were new people here that I met. Everyone is nice.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am going to travel!!!!

Mommy says that I get to go with her on a trip this fall to see my grandmommy in California. At first I was going to have to stay in Mommy's old bedroom, but Grandmommy says I can play all over!! Mommy says the house is a little bigger than mine here. The only bad thing is that it is a long car ride. I don't like being in the car. I don't like being in the carrier :(

Mommy also says that next year we are moving to Germany. I don't know where that is, but Mommy says it is far away and I will have to ride in a plane without her. I'm not sure if that will be fun or not. But Mommy is excited!! So I am getting excited!!

My daddy comes back in October!!!

I got bugs!!!

Yay yay yay yay!!!! So far I have gotten 2 bugs!! One was a moth and I showed Mommy that he was between the screen door and glass door so she caught him and gave him to me to play with. He was kind of a poo-poo head because he didn't last long. Then, the other night, a June bug got in the house and Mommy was going to kill it, but I showed her I could do it(after playing with it of course!!) so she let me have it. It went in Daddy's closet and I took care of it.

There are a lot more that come to the windows and I try to scare them away, but they know I can't get them. yet.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We have a lot of bugs around here that like to come to the windows!!! Especially after dark. And I can't get to them!!! Grrrrrr.

But yesterday there was something my mom called a moth trapped between the sliding and screen doors and Mommy caught it for me!!! She let me play with it, but it didn't last long. I guess I killed it. I didn't mean to -- I was just trying to play!! But he was stupid.

She hasn't been able to catch anymore for me, but I keep trying to scare the ones outside the windows away.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I was left alone!!!!!

For 2 days!!!!! My mommy and daddy went away and left me!!!!!!! I was so mad. At least they left me food and water, but I was lonely!!!!!! Then Mommy came back without Daddy because he had to go back to war. I cried and cried when she came home and didn't leave her side on Monday. She was sad and slept alot so I took care of her. Yesterday she took me for a ride in the car which I don't really like. she made me stay in the carrier, too. She went in the library and left me!(but just for a moment). we went to a place called Sonic where she ordered a soda from the car and they brought it. Then she went to the card shop and left me!! A long time!! But she had to get cards for grandmommy and one is from me!!

Today Mommy left me home while she went out. I was kind of sad, but it was okay. She came back soon.

Oh, I have discovered something fun -- knocking over cups and glasses!!! I am strong!!!! But mommy yells at me when I do :(

Monday, May 28, 2007

The OUTSIDE is MINE!!!!!!!

I got to be out on the balcony for over an hour today!!! With no leash!!!!! I proved to Mommy and Daddy that I can be trusted not to jump off or to even jump up on the railing.

I had so much fun!!! I chased bugs and bees. I lied down and relaxed and checked out the storage room. I inspected the food.

I even got to stick my head out the railing posts, but Mommy kept yelling at me to get back because I was making her nervous. she thought I would fall, but I know better.

I love being outside. Now I just have to convince them I can go out the front door in to the hallway. And then..........dare I dream.........the front yard!!!!!

Why is Mommy laughing so hard????

Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Toys and My Daddy

My daddy came home a week ago and I love him soooooooooooooooooooo much. He is nice to me and plays with me and lets me sleep on the bed with him and Mommy. I also like how he punsihes me. When I do something bad he throws me!!!! I get to fly!!! Sometimes I don't land on my feet, though, but it is still fun. I try not to be bad again because even though flying is fun, daddy might catch on and do something worse -- like squirt me with water like Mommy does!!!

I got new toys, too. I got a weird ball thing where I have to get balls out of holes to play with them. Mommy says the balls are supposed to stay inside and I should play with them through the holes, but that's no fun!! So I take them out!! I also got a cube house to hide in. And I got a weasel ball. He's fun. I can't remember what I did with my turtle!! I miss him :(

I don't want my daddy to leave next week. I am going to be sad, but I have to make sure mommy doesn't get too sad.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Love My Turtle!!

Last weekend my good friend, Loucy, freed my turtle toy from the string he was attached to!! If I had known this could be done I would have freed him a loooooong time ago!!

Now I can carry him everywhere without dragging that dumb string and stick!! I can even hide him now so he stays safe!! I love him so much and he is free now!!.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Something you should know......

I just want to warn all my friends about this potentially toxic thing I discovered today. Mommy calls it an onion and says it is harmless, but I think otherwise!!

She was cutting one of these things when a piece dropped on the floor. As I was supervising things I had to inspect it immediately. It stung my eyes!! Mommy gave me some milk to calm me down, but my eyes still burned a bit.

I just want everyone to be aware of this potentially hazardous food and stay away when your mommies are cutting them. You should try to educate her on its dangers, but she may not listen so just protect yourself.

I did enjoy the milk, though!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Torture Never Ends!!!

Okay, first I had my testicles removed and nearly bled to death,(okay, not really, but it was a lot!), but now Mommy keeps shoving this yucky medicine down my throat!! She says it is to fight infection, but I'm not infected!! I don't like it!! I spilled some last night(ha ha ha ha ha ha), but there is still enough for her to keep giving it to me.

When will it stop????? What's next?? My claws???????!!!!???(don't get any ideas, Mommy!!!)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've Been Cat-Strated!!!

Well, they did it. They took away my testicles. They put me to sleep and when I woke up they were gone and I was sore. Mommy left me at the doctor all day. There were other cats and dogs there. Some of the cats got to walk around, but they made me stay in a cage!!!

I cried all the way there like I said I would. Mommy put me in this awful carrier thing. When she picked me up I cried even more. She let me out of the carrier and I walked all around the car. Then we got pulled over for an inspection at the gate. Mommy says that happens to her all the time. She wanted to put me back in the carrier, but I didn't want to so she held me. it was scary there!!! All those cars coming in -- I wanted to run away!!! Mommy wouldn't let me go and I busted one of my stitches. So I was bleeding. Then I peed all over myself(well, I was scared!!).

When we got home she made me stay in her room while her friends came over. She tried to have Auntie Amanda look at me, but I didn't want her to!!

I am feeling better now and the bleeding stopped. I guess I shouldn't have kept licking it, but it felt dirty!! Mommy keeps bugging me to check it.

And she won't let me go outside!!

I'm very depressed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Goodbye, Mi Amigos

Today is my last day with my testicles. Tomorrow they will be removed. I am so sad. And a little scared. I don't want to lose them, but Mommy says they have to go. I am going to cry all the way there and all the way back.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

They're Gonna Do What?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mommy says that next week I am going to get neutered. What is this???? She says they are going to cut my balls off!!!! I don't believe her!!! That sounds painful!!!! How can someone be so mean????

Is that really what neutered means?????????????????????????????

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Games and Songs

I taught myself a new game today. It's called "shower curtain". Mommy closes the shower curtain and I hide behind it while she is on the toilet and she taps the curtain or touches it and I have to capture her hand or the place where she touched the curtain!!! It was much fun(though I wanted fresh water and this is what I got instead).

I also like to play with stuff on strings, pens, stuff on shelves, fake flowers and Daddy's Stetson.

Mommy also has a special songs she sings for me. Sometimes she makes them right up like about how I am her Pookie Poo, but usually she sings this song for me which she didn't make up -- it's on TV.....

Come and knock on our door We've been waiting for you Where the kisses are hers and hers and his Three's company, too!
Come and dance on our floor Take a step that is new We've a loveable space that needs your face Three's company, too!
You'll see that life is a ball again and laughter is callin' for you Down at our rendezvous, Three's company, too!

Mommy sometimes changes the words to "where the kisses are hers and his and his" because of me and Daddy!!

And those are my games and songs.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's mine!!!!!

Mr. Flamingo Pen is mine!!!!! Mommy said so and even plays with him with me!!!

Now, if I can just convince her that I am okay to go out in the hall whenever I like.......

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why Can't I????

Why can't I go outside????? Mommy let's me out for only 1 minute!! And I don't even go near the edge of the balcony anymore so she doesn't get nervous.

Why can't I go out it into the hall??? Again, only for 1 minute and Mommy scoops me up. It's not even outside -- it's the building's hallway!! I cry and cry by the door, but she won't listen!!!

Why can't I play with Mr. Flamingo pen????? He has neat feathers. He says I can pluck them out!!!! Mommy takes him away from me and scolds me.

Why can't I eat people food more?????????? It tastes better than cat food. I only get a little bit at a time. People food, that is. I have lots of cat food in my bowl.

Why can't I drink fresh water whenever I want????? Mommy only turns the faucet on for me when she feels like it. I try to let her know other times I want it, but she says no!!!

There's so much I can't do!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

My First Easter

Yesterday was my first Easter. Mommy got up early and went to church. She was gone a looooong time, but when she came back my Auntie Amanda and Auntie Gwen were with her!!! They came over to help Mommy frost a cake she made. They wouldn't let me help or get near the cake!!

Then more people came over!!! And guess what??? No dogs!!! I got lots of attention. I played with the kids and they didn't pick me up as much as last time. I like to play with them. I let everyone pet me and I even sat and cuddled with one of Mommy's friends. Her name was Claudia and she let me share the big chair with her.

Later that night Mommy and I watched The Sound of Music and Napolean Dynamite together while she made me a scrapbook!! I mostly slept, though. Then Mommy let me drink fresh water from the bathtub faucet before she took her shower!!!

I had a good Easter.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Fresh water -- Yummmmm

I love fresh water!!!!! I don't mean when Mommy refills my bowl, but when it is really FRESH!!!! There are 2 ways to get it this way.

#1. Toilet. After someone flushes it is super fresh so you just climb, up, brace your paws in the bowl(they will get wet) and go at it!!! But do make sure it has been flushed first!!!

#2. Shower. You can either wait until someone is done showering and then lick the water in the drain OR you can have someone turn the faucet on just a little and while it is coming out you can get it around the drain. Your face may get a little wet. Paws, too. You can even try drinking from the falling water, but you risk getting your face wetter. I like to touch it sometimes, too. Just make sure that someone doesn't switch to the shower head while you're in the tub or you will get drenched!!!(mommy did that to me once!!). It is best to lay on a towel or bed afterwards to dry off a bit. Or you can have a human help you, but sometimes they do it wrong(Mommy coveres my face!!).

Fresh water is definitely better than bowl water!!! But bowl water is okay.

Monday, April 2, 2007

King of my Catstle

I love my house and I love spending time with my mommy and her nice friends, but Mommy insists on letting them bring their pets over or taking me to visit other pets and I don't like it!!!!!!!

This is MY house. Human visitors are okay, but that's it!!!! The other day a big dog named Loucy came to visit. She was all right on the balcony and I went over to the screen door to keep her company, but I didn't like her in my house!!. And she tried to play with me--she's too BIG!!!! She could EAT me!!! Or crush me. I let her know I didn't want any of it. Mommy said I was being mean, but I don't care.

Mommy also took me to a friend's house to play with another cat. His name was Sawyer. I did not like him. What if I got a girlfriend and he tried to steal her from me??????? I can't have a male cat friend. I let him know that. Then he got mad at me. Oh well. But Mommy said I was rude and when she took me home she made me stay in the laundry room with my food and litter box because maintenance workers may have come. They didn't and I was alone in the dark and got stuck on top of the cabinets!! After that Mommy moved my stuff into the spare room and shuts the door to that part of the house if maintenance comes.

But getting back to other animals, the only one I've found I like is Charisma. She is the cat I lived with for a little while. She was kind of mean, but turned nice. And she taught me about fresh shower water!!! I would like to see her again.

Mommy says Loucy will be coming back and so will other dogs so I better get used to it. I don't think I will so they better keep their distance and not mess with me or my stuff!!!!

And she and Daddy better not ever get a dog or another cat, either!!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ahh...the good life...

So far!!! I love being a military cat!!

I'm Scout and my mommy adopted me on March 5, 2007. I was at the Post animal shelter and they were really nice, but I wanted a home!!!! When I first saw my mommy I made sure I got her attention and acted cute and let her know I wanted to go home with her. It took 3 weeks to convince her!! When she got me out of the cage I lept into her arms!! I was so happy!!

She explained that I would have to stay with a friend of hers for awhile until she moved on Post. That's how I met my Auntie Amanda and Auntie Gwen and my best friend, Charisma. My aunties were very nice to me and had a nice home. Charisma didn't like me at first but I was nice to her and won her over!! She showed me many useful things like how to use my litter box(it was covered and had a door for gosh sakes!!) and that water after someone showers is a refreshing treat!! They also had a dog named Aramis who scared me, but I got used to him. He didn't try to eat me or anything, but he was too big to play with!!

My new home is very nice and pretty big. We live on the second floor. I love sleeping with my mommy and in my kitty bed(it has catnip in it!!). Sometimes I like to sleep under beds.

I learned that when Mommy flushes the toilet the water in it becomes fresh!!! I love to drink it then. I also drink water after she showers sometimes. I like when she runs the faucet a little, but I don't like getting wet(except on my paws--that doesn't bother me).

I like to go outside, but Mommy usually doesn't let me. She's let me on the balcony twice, but is afraid I'll jump(it's so high, though!! I don't think I can). She lets me out in the hallway of our building, but that's not really outside, but I still like it.

My daddy is Iraq. I have seen his picture and heard him on the phone. He seems nice.

Mommy says I have to get neutered this month. I don't know about that.......

But I love being a military cat!!!