Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ahh...the good life...

So far!!! I love being a military cat!!

I'm Scout and my mommy adopted me on March 5, 2007. I was at the Post animal shelter and they were really nice, but I wanted a home!!!! When I first saw my mommy I made sure I got her attention and acted cute and let her know I wanted to go home with her. It took 3 weeks to convince her!! When she got me out of the cage I lept into her arms!! I was so happy!!

She explained that I would have to stay with a friend of hers for awhile until she moved on Post. That's how I met my Auntie Amanda and Auntie Gwen and my best friend, Charisma. My aunties were very nice to me and had a nice home. Charisma didn't like me at first but I was nice to her and won her over!! She showed me many useful things like how to use my litter box(it was covered and had a door for gosh sakes!!) and that water after someone showers is a refreshing treat!! They also had a dog named Aramis who scared me, but I got used to him. He didn't try to eat me or anything, but he was too big to play with!!

My new home is very nice and pretty big. We live on the second floor. I love sleeping with my mommy and in my kitty bed(it has catnip in it!!). Sometimes I like to sleep under beds.

I learned that when Mommy flushes the toilet the water in it becomes fresh!!! I love to drink it then. I also drink water after she showers sometimes. I like when she runs the faucet a little, but I don't like getting wet(except on my paws--that doesn't bother me).

I like to go outside, but Mommy usually doesn't let me. She's let me on the balcony twice, but is afraid I'll jump(it's so high, though!! I don't think I can). She lets me out in the hallway of our building, but that's not really outside, but I still like it.

My daddy is Iraq. I have seen his picture and heard him on the phone. He seems nice.

Mommy says I have to get neutered this month. I don't know about that.......

But I love being a military cat!!!