Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am going to travel!!!!

Mommy says that I get to go with her on a trip this fall to see my grandmommy in California. At first I was going to have to stay in Mommy's old bedroom, but Grandmommy says I can play all over!! Mommy says the house is a little bigger than mine here. The only bad thing is that it is a long car ride. I don't like being in the car. I don't like being in the carrier :(

Mommy also says that next year we are moving to Germany. I don't know where that is, but Mommy says it is far away and I will have to ride in a plane without her. I'm not sure if that will be fun or not. But Mommy is excited!! So I am getting excited!!

My daddy comes back in October!!!

I got bugs!!!

Yay yay yay yay!!!! So far I have gotten 2 bugs!! One was a moth and I showed Mommy that he was between the screen door and glass door so she caught him and gave him to me to play with. He was kind of a poo-poo head because he didn't last long. Then, the other night, a June bug got in the house and Mommy was going to kill it, but I showed her I could do it(after playing with it of course!!) so she let me have it. It went in Daddy's closet and I took care of it.

There are a lot more that come to the windows and I try to scare them away, but they know I can't get them. yet.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We have a lot of bugs around here that like to come to the windows!!! Especially after dark. And I can't get to them!!! Grrrrrr.

But yesterday there was something my mom called a moth trapped between the sliding and screen doors and Mommy caught it for me!!! She let me play with it, but it didn't last long. I guess I killed it. I didn't mean to -- I was just trying to play!! But he was stupid.

She hasn't been able to catch anymore for me, but I keep trying to scare the ones outside the windows away.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I was left alone!!!!!

For 2 days!!!!! My mommy and daddy went away and left me!!!!!!! I was so mad. At least they left me food and water, but I was lonely!!!!!! Then Mommy came back without Daddy because he had to go back to war. I cried and cried when she came home and didn't leave her side on Monday. She was sad and slept alot so I took care of her. Yesterday she took me for a ride in the car which I don't really like. she made me stay in the carrier, too. She went in the library and left me!(but just for a moment). we went to a place called Sonic where she ordered a soda from the car and they brought it. Then she went to the card shop and left me!! A long time!! But she had to get cards for grandmommy and one is from me!!

Today Mommy left me home while she went out. I was kind of sad, but it was okay. She came back soon.

Oh, I have discovered something fun -- knocking over cups and glasses!!! I am strong!!!! But mommy yells at me when I do :(