Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My adventures on the outside....

Okay, so last Tuesday my mommy went out and when she came back she grabs me and tells me I'm going to the vet!! She had been warning me, but we never went. Then, all of a sudden, I had to go!! They were mean to me there!!!

First they stuck Q-tips in my ears. TWICE!!! It hurt and itched(my ears always itch). Then they wiped them with gauze. And if that wasn't enough, then they put drops in them and rubbed them!! AND they put some kind of drops on my back. It was awful and I never want to go back there again!!!

Then, after we left, Mommy had to go to the people vet(she said hers was more uncomfortable than what I had, but I DOUBT it). So what does she do? Leaves me in the car!! In that stupid carrier. so i couldn't walk around. She put the windows down which made the car bearable, but I couldn't walk around and then all these LOUD cars kept driving by and they scared me!! When she came back I let her know it!!! i cried and cried and almost lost my breath I cried so hard!! She felt bad and let me out to walk around the car, but I still didn't let her off the hook. I cried all the way home.

I got a nice can of special cat food so I was okay after that.

Today I got to go out on the balcony!! By myself!! For a long time. No leash!! I was good and stayed away from the edge.

I hope Mommy lets me out there again soon, but I never want to go in a car or to the vet again!!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I wanna help!!!!

I want to help my mommy with things, but she says i get in the way!!

Like, I want to help her with puzzles, but she gets mad because I knock all the pieces around and on the floor. I can't help it -- I don't have opposable thumbs!!

I also want to help with scrapbooking. I try to help her by sitting right down in front of, ready to supervise or do whatever I can to help and she says she can't worl because I am taking up all the space!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Update on Me

Well, I guess we are not going to visit Grandmommy until Daddy gets back. That's okay, but I really want to meet her!!!

Mommy has been taking me for car rides and she took me again tonight. I am getting used to them and hardly cry anymore.

Today some little kids came over to play. they were a lot of fun and chased me all over, but it was fun!! They didn't try to pick me up. They just wanted to play with me!! So I let them.

I haven't been able to go outside too much. Mommy says it's too hot for her to sit out there with me. I could be out there myself but she says no :(

Oh, we had a party here the other day. Mommy had someone come to sell kitchen stuff. There were LOTS of people in the house. Miss Mandy brought a neat thing to climb into, but Mommy got mad when I climbed in it and made me stay in her room!!! Miss Alli let me out, though, once, but Mommy made me go back. Then she let me out, but got mad when I joined people on the balcony so I had to go back!! Finally she let me out again. There were new people here that I met. Everyone is nice.