Sunday, November 11, 2007


So....... Mommy had been telling me i ws going on a trip with her and daddy to see grandmommy, but now she says I am going to the kennel instead. I hope this is a good thing.

I must admit I am relieved to not have to take a long car irde, but what is a kennel? Mommy says there will be other cats to play with, but I don't like other cats(unless they are sweet lady cats!). she says there are dogs, too, and those scare me. she says that i will get lots of attention, but I will be in a cage like at the shelter and that doesn't sound good. She says I can bring Bunny and Bubby and Turtle, though.

Oh yeah!!! ---- Mommy found Turtle!!! I guess he was hiding under the washing machine(oops).

Hey, my Daddy is back, too! he plays with me, but doesn't like when I sleep on him.

We got some new furniture, too. I keep getting yelled at for scratching my paws on it, but isn't that what it's for??????

We also got a dryer, which was real comfy to crawl in and rest on the clothes inside, but when I went in today it made a horrible booming sound!! Mommy said it's a monster who doesn't want me in there. phooey

okay, well, that's all for now.