Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm Baaaaack

I forgot my password!!! But Mommy helped me remember so I am back.

Let me catch you up.....

Mommy and Daddy went on vacations and left me at the kennel twice!!! It was okay. I was scared the first time and tried to hide behind the little house in the cage, but the second time I was brave and just explored the cage. I was very nice to the people taking care of me and they liked me. The other cats were okay, but one day they brought in kittens and everyone got loud!!

My mommy has started leaving everyday like my daddy. She says she has a job. I don't like it. Everyday I try to act really cute, but she always leaves!! I hear her when she is coming home, though, and make sure I am at the door to greet her. I also keep my daddy company when he comes home in the morning. He leaves really early for something called PT and then he comes back awhile later to change and eat. I sit on the floor by him after Mommy leaves.

Mommy is feeding me different. She and daddy say I eat too fast and too much at a time and I throw up so they started only giving me a little at a time, but I still throw up. So now Mommy bought a new kind of cat food. It is yummy. If I don't throw up she says she will start feeding me like she used to so I don't have to wait for it from her. Sometimes she forgets and ignores me when I try to tell her, even when I tap her face while she is sleeping!!

One more thing for now -- I found a new treat i like. it is called Jerky and it is sooooo good. I even ripped a bag open to get some!! I almost got in trouble for that.