Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's my VERSARY!!!

Mommy was looking at my past posts and discovered from the first one that today is our versary!!! (she says it is anniversary) She adopted me 1 year ago today!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad,. she is the best Mommy ever!!!!!

Where's my daddy?

My daddy hasn't been home much. Yesterday he left reeeeeeally early and then came home reeeeally late. Mommy didn;t even hear him!! But I did. Today he slept late and then went to work, but Mommy says he will not be home until later again. She said yesterday he was at something called a range and then today they are busy and he is going to Cub Scouts(why don't I get to go?? My name is SCOUT!!).

My mommy is sad when daddy isn't home and that makes me sad. She played with me last night, though. We play with Carrot. He hits me a lot so I get him!! He is on a string. I love Carrot.

Ooh mommy had something neat today. They were called nuts. they were in a can. I touched them.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah. My daddy. I hope is home tomorrow. Or maybe Mommy can stay home, but she likes to leave :( She works. At a school. With kids. I am a kid!! I'm her kid!!. I'll pay her. I have some nice toys I can give her. And a stash of pretty bows. I want Mommy to stay home with me!!!