Sunday, April 27, 2008

A picture and a thought....

This kitty is smart....

I need to try that sometime.

Has anyone out there ever played with shells before?????? They are so much fun!!!!!! We have had some in a cup for a long time and I just ignored them, but today I knocked the cup over to see what they were!! Mommy got mad, but then put the cup on the floor for me so i knocked it over again and started investigating. They make cool clicking noises!! And you can swat them around!! I swatted one around the kitchen and it made such wonderful noises!! Then i took one on the couch with me. I just love them.

Soo, anyone know of anything else fun to play with????

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I look dang good!!!

My daddy brushed my fur real good so I look real good -- very sleek and cool. Any lady cats wanna come over and see???

It's fun when Daddy brushes my fur because I like to swat at him and stuff and he grabs my paws and flips and flops me around!!! It tickles, too, when he does my tummy and legs so I try to bite him hee hee. Not mean, though, just a little bite to play.

Now my fur looks nice and I won't shed as much. Thank you, Daddy!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Check out Pippy

If you think I am cool, go check out Pippy --- he is AWESOME!!! He even has his own video about begging...

Dr. Scout at your service

My mommy and daddy are both sick :( So I have to take care of them. I am good at that. I watch over them and make sure they are breathing!! Maybe if they are still sick tomorrow they will stay home with me and I can take care of them again!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Missed my chance

Well, I was going to be a famous kitty, BUT Mommy forgot to submit my pictures to the calendar contest for the local Humane Society. GRRRRR. I was hoping that would raise my status with the ladies. Oh well. She says that one of these days she will send some more pictures to Stuff on My Cat. That will be cool. That is more sposure for me.

That is also how I found Pippy. He is an awesome and famous cat. Next time I'll post his link(hope he doesn't mind). I am too lazy to do it right now.

I am a smart kitty

My mommy says so!!!!! Because I reminded her about the laundry. Really, it was nothing. I just went and sat by the door. I knew she wasn't done because she only used one machine!! Plus, I was looking for some candy I knocked in there!!