Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lazy Blogger

Sorry my faithful readers (or reader!!), but I have been really slack in my blogging as of late. I lead such a busy life of sleeping, waking up my mommy for food, napping, walking around the house, napping some more, eating, waiting for mommy or daddy to get home, finding water, going outside, bugging my daddy, trying to go out the front door, napping again, looking out the window, hanging out in the bathroom while Mommy showers, more eating, then back to sleep... that sometimes I forget to blog.

I will try to do better.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Me and My Mama

I just wanted to share with you some very special pictures my daddy took of my mama and me...

I am waving to daddy!!

Mama always lets me sit on her legs.

They are one of my favorite spots. Always so comfy!!

Here are a couple Mama took of me while I was on her legs...

Her knees make good chin rests.

Check out my stunning profile


aren't I a magnificent dude???

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Needs

Mommy did this on her blog, therefore I shall do it on mine....

Put your name in Google, followed by the word "needs" and see what it comes up with!!

Scout needs....

1. Baseball Scout Needs Rental Home -- I'm not into baseball

2. The scout needs to tell you something.. -- the Scout wants to go outside

3. Scout needs a little help to earn Eagle rank -- ummmmm, I'd rather be a lion

4. Scouts With Disabilities and Special Needs -- well, I am blessed to be a healthy cat, but I do need to go outside

5. Advice from the Top: Leaders need Scouts' qualities - -- yes, because I have some really great leadership qualities

6. Everything a scout needs and more to understand, learn and easily explain how each type of Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic rock was formed. ...
uh, sure


8. Scout needs your help with food drive. -- yes, bring me food. Sometimes I run out and Mommy don't like it when I smack her in the face for more!!

9. Boy Scout needs a push in the right direction - -- I can get where I want to just fine, thanks. Or sit on my butt if I want!!

10. What Every Brownie Girl Scout Needs -- I'm a boy, not a girl!!

11. A scout needs to purchase the oak trees, clear the area of non-native plants,. plant the oaks, mulch around oaks, and install a drip line system -- I don't think so!!

12. A strategic business level scout needs to articulate the nature of the business overall in terms of key opportunities andto focus theenergy ... ---

and lastly...

13. The Scouts likely need help remembering to take their medication at the correct times. what medication?

What do you need?