Thursday, December 25, 2008

This Holiday Rocks my Paws!!

I am having the best Christmas ever!! First of all, Mommy and Daddy stayed here so I didn't have to go to a kennel!! That was the best gift of all!!

Then I got all kinds of cool stuff!!

Last night mommy let me open my present from her...

It was a mouse with feathers!! I played with it all evening!!

This morning I got a fun ball thing with feathers from daddy...

and Santa Paws came last night and brought me a can of Fancy Feast and catnip mice!!!

I played with my new toys, then guess where I got to go???? OUTSIDE!!!!

This ball was in our yard and I was going to play with it, but the snow it too cold and wet!!

My daddy was putting his new mirrors on his bike while I was out there, but then he had to start the stupid thing up and it scared me!! It's too loud!! I cried even louder and Mommy came and got me.

Now I am just lying around relaxing. What a great day!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am still alive

Sorry, I have been very busy thinking up ways to sneak outside, er, greet my mommy and daddy when they get home and guarding our Christmas bush, that I have forgotten to blog.

I have awesome news. My mommy and daddy are staying with me for Christmas so no kennel!!!! They will be here and Santa Paws will come this year and bring me stuff.

We got snow the other day. Mommy wanted me to go play in it it, but no way!! It's freezing cold water!! And it was super cold outside. I love the outside, but come on!!

Well, Merry Christmas everyone!! Fuzzy Navidad!!