Thursday, December 25, 2008

This Holiday Rocks my Paws!!

I am having the best Christmas ever!! First of all, Mommy and Daddy stayed here so I didn't have to go to a kennel!! That was the best gift of all!!

Then I got all kinds of cool stuff!!

Last night mommy let me open my present from her...

It was a mouse with feathers!! I played with it all evening!!

This morning I got a fun ball thing with feathers from daddy...

and Santa Paws came last night and brought me a can of Fancy Feast and catnip mice!!!

I played with my new toys, then guess where I got to go???? OUTSIDE!!!!

This ball was in our yard and I was going to play with it, but the snow it too cold and wet!!

My daddy was putting his new mirrors on his bike while I was out there, but then he had to start the stupid thing up and it scared me!! It's too loud!! I cried even louder and Mommy came and got me.

Now I am just lying around relaxing. What a great day!!

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