Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm baaaaaaackkkkkkkk

Okay, well, since Mommy's friend so graciously advertised my blog on Facebook I guess I should start updating it again :) I will have lots to tell you about including my stinky sister who is a major poophead, but right now I will tell you about my favorite thing of all -- going outside!!!

I love to go outside. I have to wear a leash, though, because for some reason mommy doesn't like it when I go off exploring by myself. But it is okay. The leash is long so I can go over to the grass or under the car or around Daddy's loud motorcycle. I seem to get stuck a lot, though. How am I supposed to remember where I was walking??? That's what Mommy and Daddy are for!!!

I hear it is cold out today, but I will still go outside. I have to go eat some grass and check the motorcycle and car. It's my job.

But first I am going to go bug my sister.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Whole New world

Sorry I have been remiss in my blogging again, but I have been pursuing other interests. mainly, going outside or begging to go outside.

There is a big world out there!!

I used to think that there was only a balcony with a view for a cat to go, but here I have seen that there is so much more!!

My favorite place is the driveway. I love exploring under cars. I also like to go see what's up by the neighbor's house, but they have a pesky dog that freaks me out. He's my size, but he always jumps around when he sees me and wants to jump on me!! He's crazy. If it wasn;t for him i might try to go in the neighbor's house because they said the old cat that lived here would go in their house. I don't know how it put up with the dog!! I don't think they had the dog yet.

I can also explore the yard, but I stick close to the house. It's a little scary. I don't like the backyard. It's too big.

A HUGE challenge is just getting outside. Mommy and Daddy do not understand how responsible I am!! They ignore me when I ask to go out, then put me in a room with the door closed. (They say I am driving them nuts, but I am not asking for much!). Then one day they did let me out, but Daddy shut the big door on me and it was 5 minutes before they heard me yelling to come in!!

I will try to post more about my adventures soon.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Misunderstood Cat

Sometimes my Mommy does not understand me. When she is in the middle room and is at the table with all the neat colorful things on it I want to sit there with her and help her!! She says she is making cards and can't work with me sitting, there, but I like lying among all those neat things and I want to get a good look at what she is doing!! I also like to supervise. What is wrong with that, I ask??? She just picks me up, though and sets me on the ground. I can't see from there!!

When she is on the computer she lets me sit on the table with all the pretty things. That's pretty cool, but I still want to watch and help her make things!! I am a great supervisor, I tell you!!

It is hard being so misunderstood.