Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm baaaaaaackkkkkkkk

Okay, well, since Mommy's friend so graciously advertised my blog on Facebook I guess I should start updating it again :) I will have lots to tell you about including my stinky sister who is a major poophead, but right now I will tell you about my favorite thing of all -- going outside!!!

I love to go outside. I have to wear a leash, though, because for some reason mommy doesn't like it when I go off exploring by myself. But it is okay. The leash is long so I can go over to the grass or under the car or around Daddy's loud motorcycle. I seem to get stuck a lot, though. How am I supposed to remember where I was walking??? That's what Mommy and Daddy are for!!!

I hear it is cold out today, but I will still go outside. I have to go eat some grass and check the motorcycle and car. It's my job.

But first I am going to go bug my sister.